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Four ways to promote your property for sale

Author: Choosing the right marketing strategy to help promote your property is imperative to achieving a quick and successful sale.

Before listing with an agent, it is a good idea to discuss with them what ideas they have to help sell your home and why they think that particular method will work for you.

Once you’ve chosen the agent to list with and they have received written authority to act on your behalf, they will then begin implementing a marketing strategy.

What are the different strategies?
Four of the most common and effective strategies used to promote homes for sale are;

A popular and fairly standard strategy is to place a ‘For Sale’ sign at the front of your home. This targets locals and anyone driving by in the area who may otherwise not have known the property was for sale.

Strong, bold and direct, this is a selling method that has proved very successful over the years.

Home opens
Inviting prospective buyers to a home open is a popular selling strategy among some agents. Its effectiveness lies in its transparency, giving interested parties the chance to assess the property without having to make formal contact.

At this stage, most buyers would usually only have had an impression of a property from a picture or two. Opening your home provides them with the opportunity to assess whether they are genuinely interested in your property or not.

Media advertising
Media advertising is a significant component of most marketing strategies as it helps create awareness about your home. Your agent will discuss with you the most cost-effective method of informing the target market that your property is for sale.

The choices available include state and local newspapers, local magazines, property magazines and internet sites like

The style, layout, and choice of wording of your advertising are all very important considerations. Your Rodi agent would be very knowledgeable in this area.

Enhancing presentation
Don’t underestimate the value of good presentation. Your agent will suggest methods to ensure that a lasting first impression is made to potentially interested buyers.

This could include things like minor landscaping, a fresh coat of paint or the replacement of worn out fixtures. It’s important to remember that you get out what you put in. What you may need to spend in the short-term is likely to be recouped in a quicker sale.

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