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Six common renovating mistakes

Author: Renovating can be a great way to revitalise tired living conditions without needing a change of address.

Some of the most beautiful homes currently in Perth have undergone extensive renovations to restore them to their former glory or to improve upon the original model.

However, like with any mass project, there are many things to consider and a number of mistakes that can be made.

We’ve put together a list of the six most common renovating mistakes:


Improvements that elevate your home far beyond the calibre of your neighbours homes can prove costly down the track.

The re-sale value of a home is greatly influenced by the immediate street-scape and surrounding homes. Failure to adequately consider the general value of your surrounds could see you substantially out of pocket when you try to sell.

Unsightly extensions
Renovations or extensions that don’t take into consideration the original home can appear unsightly. Make sure you consider the form and visual impact of the exterior materials you’re using. Renovations should be sympathetic to the original building.

Choosing expensive fittings and fixtures like imported cook-tops, taps, door handles and tiles can put you out of pocket with little hope of reaping a reward in the future.

While you might believe fancier fittings and fixtures represent good design potential, buyers down the track might not like them. Mid-priced Australian-made products are often more serviceable and will bring the same price when you sell.

Removing trees
Removing existing trees, especially old trees, can sometimes cause more damage to a home than simply leaving it.

For some properties, an attractive tree can add significant value. If faced with this decision, weigh up whether the tree impedes your renovating plans and if the cost and potential damage of removing it outweighs the benefits of keeping it.

Poorly considered site planning
Consider the bigger picture when renovating so you’re not faced with negative consequences in the future. Extensions that impinge on outdoor space or are overwhelmed by fences or retaining walls close to important rooms can significantly devalue the property.

Undertaking construction work without a permit

It is imperative you follow the correct procedures when undertaking renovations and extensions. If down the line you are attempting to sell your home and you do not have local government approval, then the contract of sale could be terminated.

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