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Six ways to add value to your home

Author: There is no time like the present to start thinking about how to add value to your home.

Whether looking to move or currently comfortable, it’s worthwhile planning for the future to ensure your greatest investment reaches its maximum potential.

We’ve put together six essential tips for adding value to your home;

Get the right advice
Ensure all renovations and additions are carried out with appropriate permits and qualified trades people, especially where electricity and plumbing are concerned. Failure to do this may result in any illegal building having to be demolished.

Keep style consistent
Make sure any additions to your home are a consistent style and proportion to the existing building.

Where they join, use materials, colours and designs that make the additions appear seamless as opposed to an unsightly ‘add-on’.

Pay attention to heritage listing requirements
When renovating a period home, make sure the additions and fittings are consistent with the period.

Seek professional advice in relation to any proposed structural changes or to the colour scheme.

Out-of-sight is not out-of-mind
Make sure the sub-structure under the floor is sound.

If it’s not, new flooring, tiling, plumbing etc may have to be re-done. Not only could this devalue your home, but it is also a potentially major safety issue.

Natural light and views help
When adding new windows, make sure you consider improving your garden or other focal points that can be seen from inside the home.

Windows can be a tremendous internal feature if utilised correctly, so it’s smart to consider how the aspect from the window affects both the exterior and interior.

First impressions count
Snap judgements about properties are often made from the street or online images. Make sure the landscaping and entry points to your home are carefully planned to create a quality impression on entry.

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